Tuesday, April 9, 2013

IBM AIX memory_affinity

Disable it... don't disable it... disable it... don't disable it...

If they would just explain a little bit more about how it works...

And give a little more warning when changes take place (the documentation doesn't even notice yet that all of the memplace parameters are 0 - automatic instead of 2 - round-robin now).

AIX on Power - Performance FAQ
December 4, 2012
Page 80 of 88
8.4.4 Memory pools are unbalanced; should memory affinity be turned off?
No. Memory affinity should not be disabled on systems that are on AIX 5.3 with bos.mp or bos.mp64 or later. Disabling memory affinity can introduce other performance problems since it also turns off other features that are important to performance.
Note: The sizes of the individual memory pools are derived from the information the Hypervisor
provides AIX at boot time and cannot be altered explicitly.

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