Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trace flag 8015 - single memory node and scheduler group

I applied trace flag 8015 and 8048 to SQL Server on the dl560 and restarted.

The trace flags are in place...
dbcc tracestatus
TraceFlag    Status    Global    Session
8015         1         1         0
8048         1         1         0

Trace flag 8015 has resulted in only one CPU group (parent node id for the schedulers)... 

select distinct parent_node_id from sys.dm_os_schedulers

Trace flag 8015 has also resulted in a single memory node for the server...

select distinct memory_node_id from sys.dm_os_memory_nodes

**** UPDATE by sql_sasquatch 20130426 ****
Seems like interest in trace flag 8015 is starting to bring folks here.  See a susequent blog post for a more comprehensive discussion of trace flag 8015 with lotsa links to the Microsoft docuemtnation about SQL Server NUMA support and the consequences of disabling it.
**** END UPDATE ****

**** UPDATE by sql_sasquatch 20130810 ****
Finally got around to adding some graphs to explain my interest in disabling NUMA support at the SQL Server layer.  Check it out.
**** END UPDATE ****

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