Friday, April 29, 2016

SSAS Memory Accounting, Part I: Cleaner Memory

I had to mess around with lots of perfmon graphs in Excel before I finally understood how various SQL Server engine memory accounting fit together.

Time to start doing that for SSAS, I guess.

First stop: Cleaner Memory nonshrinkable + Cleaner Memory shrinkable = Cleaner Memory

That's intuitive - but you don't know for sure until you know... y'know? :-)

Perfmon with 30 second interval, on a server with SSAS as the only active major memory consumer.

The blue areas below form a stacked area graph of the two memory allocation components.  The red is a line graph against a secondary vertical axis (which I've hidden) that uses the exact same scale as the primary vertical axis on the left.  (That's how I often create combination stacked and line graphs to show aggregated memory accounting.)

That's it for today.  I know its not much.  I'll be back with more once I can get anything else to line up.

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