Sunday, July 1, 2018

TugaIT Summer 2018 Edition: Insight-Based Administration

This will be my 3rd year presenting at TugaIT, and I'm more excited about it than ever!

This year I'll be giving a workshop with the aspirational title "Insight-Based Administration."

I've got something in mind - I want to shape and deliver a workshop that matches the needs of the folks that attend.  In order to do that... I want to invite those interested in attending to submit perfmon captures to me.

I've put .bat scripts to start and stop perfmon, as well as counter sets for SQL Server and other system concerns.  The start script will ensure that the SQL Server counters are captured for each SQL Server instance on a VM or server.  The counters will be captured in 30 second intervals.  The log file format is csv - the csv files are in some cases only 1/10 the size of blg binary files.  The files will have a maximum size of 32 mb.  If perfmon is still running 7 days later (168 hours) it will stop.

Over the next several days I'll be pointing out specific things about the counters in these countersets.

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