Monday, May 13, 2019

dbcc MemoryStatus -- IO error??

No answers in this post, just a question I don't want to lose track of.

2019 May 7 I put this question to #sqlhelp:

[dbcc memorystatus] in 2017 cu13 gives information about IO errors. Is there another source for that error count or more details elsewhere? Nothing in the SQL Server error log, Windows event log.

No answer yet.

I set up a task via schtasks to send 'dbcc memorystatus' output to a file every 5 minutes for a memory investigation.  I thought it might shed some light on this information from 'dbcc memorystatus'.  Nope, not yet.

Here are a few of the results I scraped.  Not sure if 'IO error' is a count of errors, or indicating an error code for the most recent IO error.  Though there's seemingly no information for errors with some of these numbers.  It may be a count of errors within each checkpoint, or somesuch.  The two busy databases in this instance are both using automatic rather than indirect checkpoints.
May 11 time        Dirty     IO error
4:00:01          2382710         7685
4:05:01          1510246         2412
4:10:01          1076007        19739
4:15:01           364968         9050
4:20:00            44028        16855
4:25:00            28251         1653
4:30:00            23242         2674
4:35:00            24668        32750
4:40:00            25199       124190
4:50:01            26107         2079
4:55:00            25661        70204
5:00:00           909808        13664

I'll update this post if I learn anything exciting in the future.

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