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Renouncing the Symbol: 1940 Resolution by Tribes to Reject the Swastika or Fylfot

Each of the 10 articles or captioned photographs linked below refer to the same event - the signing of a resolution by members of Navajo, Papago, Apache, and Hopi tribes in early 1940.

I share links to these these articles and photographs to illustrate that over time content, art, and craft creators have been very serious about the current as well as historic associations of the symbols they use.

The text of the resolution as displayed by the photographs and articles below:
"Because the above ornament which has been a sign of friendship among our forefathers for many centuries has been desecrated recently by another nation of peoples,
Therefore it is resolved that henceforth from this date on and forever more our tribes renounce the use of the emblem commonly known today as the swastika or fylfot on our blankets, baskets, art objects, sandpaintings and clothing."

An additional note about two of the stories below: numbers 6 and 10 in the list seem to be in denial of these tribes - and the individuals themselves - to act of themselves in accordance with their principles.  I'm especially troubled by the tone of the article in number 6, and hope to write a follow-up post on that particular article in the future. 

Indians Denounce Nazis, Forego Use of Swastika
St. Joseph Gazette, St. Joseph, Missouri
Monday, 26 February 1940

Indian Sign on Swastika
The Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio
Monday, 4 March 1940

The Evening Review, East Liverpool, Ohio
Thursday, 29 February 1940

Star-Gazette, Elmira, New York
Thursday, 29 February 1940 

Indians Bar Swastika Design as Protest Against Nazis
The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California
Monday, 26 February 1940

Arizona Indians Bow to Hitler
The Twin Falls News, Twin Falls, Idaho
8 March 1940 

Four Indian Tribes Unite in Order Barring Swastika as Their Symbol
The San Bernardino County Sun, San Bernardino, California
Tuesday, 27 February 1940

Indians Denounce Swastika Emblem
Wednesday, 28 February 1940

Indians Ban Swastika
The Town Talk, Alexandria, Louisiana
Monday, 1 April 1940

Put Indian Sign on Swastika
Times Colonist, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Saturday, 6 April 1940 

For proper placement in history:
7 December 1941 - United States enters World War II.

In addition to the links above, one may find duplicates appearing in other papers.

This article is a near duplicate of "Indians Denounce Nazis, Forego Use of Swastika" from above.

Indians Renounce Swastika Symbol
Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Monday 26 February 1940

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