Monday, April 4, 2022

SQL Server - recursive CTE to retrieve dependency chain of Resource Governor Classifier Function

SQL Server Resource Governor classifier functions can include references to functions as well as tables in the master database.  And each referenced function can in turn reference additional functions and tables.

In order to get a thorough understanding of how sessions are classified on a given system, one may need some familiarity with each function or table in the dependency tree.

This recursive function will retrieve all object names in the dependency tree (object names will be retrieved but column names will not be retrieved, due to the referenced_minor_id = 0 qualifier.

(	SELECT		root_id		= classifier_function_id
, referencing_id = classifier_function_id , referenced_id = classifier_function_id , NestLevel = 1 FROM sys.dm_resource_governor_configuration UNION ALL SELECT root_id         = rgc.classifier_function_id , d1.referencing_id , d1.referenced_id , NestLevel + 1 FROM sys.sql_expression_dependencies d1 JOIN DTree r ON d1.referencing_id = r.referenced_id CROSS JOIN sys.dm_resource_governor_configuration rgc WHERE d1.referenced_minor_id = 0) SELECT classifier_function = OBJECT_NAME(t1.root_id) , referencing_name = OBJECT_NAME(t1.referencing_id) , referenced_name = OBJECT_NAME(t1.referenced_id) , referenced_type = so.type_desc , t1.NestLevel FROM DTree t1 JOIN sys.objects so ON so.object_id = t1.referenced_id ORDER BY t1.NestLevel, t1.referencing_id;

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